My mission

Would you like to be the person that everyone admires because they just seem to cope with things? The person that just seems to have their act together? You know, one of those amazing people that appear to take everything in their stride? Well, with my help, you can be! What is it that’s holding you back? Is it anxiety, chronic stress, panic attacks, addictions, constant worry, phobias, PTSD, lack of confidence, negative self image?

Whatever the problem, help is at hand.I CAN help you.

I am a Licensed Harley street therapist, registered hypnotherapist and qualified life coach and author of the internationally selling book ‘Stress Ninja’. I use a powerful combination of techniques I have collected from all over the world in both my professional journey and as a martial arts instructor.

Here's a few verified 'Stress Ninja' reviews

“A book to read and re-read many times. Thanks, Mr Rollison.”
Bob Hackett, MBPsS, MSc (Psych), BA (Hons), Dip NLP.

“Best stress self-help book that I have read…..and I have read a lot!”

Brief overview of my Private & Corporate services


My clients have ranged from housewives with spider phobias to multi millionaire businessmen with depleted confidence. It matters not what your issue is, who you are or how much you are worth. Everyone is equal yet everyone is an individual. If you want to move forward, I can help!


I have never failed to rid a phobia. I’ve helped sort out wasp, dog, clown, spider, heights, water, birds, public speaking, wide spaces, small spaces, lifts, trains, snakes, social situations, dentists, doctors, hospitals, flying, confrontation, thunder, ladders, vomiting, balloons, driving and buttons. The most important one is Trypanophobia or the fear of needles and injections. This can actually result in deaths that’s why I help resolve these for FREE.

Tailored Programs

You are comprised of about 40 trillion cells and a completely unique life experience. NO ONE in the history of the universe has ever experienced what you have. Whatever your issue is, I can build a program around you. In  my exprience most issues boil down to one thing: confidence! I’ve helped many people who cant even leave their house go on to achieve amazing things so I’m pretty sure I can help you too.

Drop-in sessions

You have a stressed workforce. Every business does! However, did you know that you have a magic room in your office where staff can enter stressed and walk out happier and more productive? Well, the room is just a normal empty room. You supply the room, I’ll bring the magic.


No gimmicks, no silly games, no outdated trust exercises trying to shoehorn team synergy. Give me a day in front of a selection of your stressed staff and I can make a genuine difference.

About Karl

Karl is a Licensed Harley Street therapist, a registered Hypnotherapist and a fully qualified Life Coach who has successfully helped people from all walks of life, all over the world. He has worked for some of the World’s largest banks & financial institutions in London. He specialises in stress management and he has also been a qualified Ninjutsu martial arts instructor for many, many years.
Karl’s first book, “Stress Ninja” is the result of his unique observation between the parallels of his stressed-out clients and his stressed-out martial arts students. Basically: the external situation is irrelevant, (be it a physical threat or a demanding boss) it’s your response that matters. If you can understand and control your hardwired, physiological response to the situation then you can control the situation. This is accomplished through Read More

I love helping people who feel ‘lost’, maybe that’s how you feel? Remember, there isn’t a Sat Nav for Life, sometimes you have to ask for directions.”

Karl Rollison